1. Plants of Asian Origin border. Plants mainly chosen from Roy Lancaster’s book Travels through China and sourced by Rupert Eley of The Place for Plants [01206 299224]. Included are Lindera obtusiloba, a fastigiated Koelreuteria and Disporopsis. The central 10 ft sculpture is called The Vessel and sculpted by Maryanne Nicholls [01473 830241 or]. Michael Heseltine has a smaller version in his sculpture garden! It is subtly spot lit at night, as is The Walking Man in the rear garden.

2. Long Borders planted with purple, red, lime green and white plants. So thus plenty of Heuchera Chocolate Ruffles, Cryptotaenia japonica atropurpurea, Ribes speciosum, Daylilies, Trifolium ochlueum and Hydrangea quercifolia Snow Queen and Miscanthus fountains. These borders run up to the woven metal turf tree seat, which with Dominic’s quality welding, will out live the apple tree it surrounds!

3. Breast Sculpture created by Lucy from plough breasts found in the farm skip. Grasses such as Arundo donax Variegata and Spartinia look graceful and sculptural along with Eryngium Miss Willmotts Ghost , which pops up to give a prickly element. The Holy Screen backs it, designed by Lucy and made by Nigel of NHWeldfab 01284 724504

4. Woodland Border featuring 3 multi stemmed Silver birch surrounded by dogwoods, Trillium, Phlomis tuberosa ‘Amazone’ and Chiastophyllum oppositifolium. The girls love the log disc stepping-stones.

5. Beech hedge Cloister. Leads up to a Moroccan style gate. (salvaged greenhouse grills)

6. Willow Igloo. A den you step down into where the seat is decorated with pebbles depicting our four childrens names.

7. Wild flower meadow. Dennis the Lawnmower nestles amongst the wildflowers

8. Copper Beech Spiral, underplanted with double snowdrops, snowflakes, purple and white alliums, Ophiopogon and a variegated Holcus

9. Butterfly Walk. Varying coloured Buddlejas keep the butterflies happy.

10. Trampoline Beds. 6 Miscanthus Cosmopolitan cascade in front of a black wall as a backdrop. Balch and yellow-stemmed Bamboos screen the raised walkway to the trampoline.

11. Sedum roofed Garden Pavilion, within which our courses are held, built by Colin Lomax [01359 24186].Sedum supplied by Q Lawns [01842 828266]. The Pavilion looks onto a curvaceous border planted with drifts of Calamogrostis x acutiflora ‘Overdam’, Cirsium ruviulare ‘Atropurpureum’, purple cow parsley, Cortaderia richardii and Polygonum scoparium. Hopefully my proposed ducks won’t eat the Butumus.

12. Celtic Racetrack 20m long interwoven and undulating metal sculpture. 5 boat-like compartments are topped with a tapestry of 250 Sedum and Sempervivium. Two Prunus serrula are chosen for their mahogany bark to echo the rusty metal as are the Agastache, whose candle shaped seed heads last the whole winter. These follow their beautiful purple or white flowers which are covered in bees til late summer. In May-June a sea of 100 Camassia create a sea of sparkling blue which is a sight to behold!

13. Falkland Islands Beds, planted in June 2007 to commemorate 25th Anniversary of the Falklands war in which my uncle Nick Barker who was Captain of HMS Endurance, played a major role. He sadly died 10 years ago so I am sourcing plants originating from the Falklands. The un-named grey leafed Leymus I have planted is similar to L.araenarieus, but less invasive. According to Tim Fuller of the Plantsman’s Preference its seed was collected in the Falklands. Dom and I slogged over creating the Daisy Path, which is made from marble and pebbles.

14. Willow Tunnel leading up to the willow urn also viewed through Holy Screen and Portugese Laurel Porthole (No.13). Willow supplied by Crawford Balch [01728 860266]

15. Stone Parterre design taken from mirrored gate, which is roughly the age of the house, (1930s). Leaves planted with snowdrops, snakes head fritillaries and purple Ajuga. The design looks superb on a frosty morning viewed from upstairs. The sunsets onto the Sunset Border, where the orange leaved Libertia peregrinans runs through yellow Carex and the deep red velvety flowers of Rosa Dusky Maiden continue all summer. In March the scented Azara microphylla fills the air. The Pink, Purple and White Border opposite reflects the colours of our kitchen from which it is viewed. Maryannne Nicholls sculpture of the Walking Man strides through masses of Alliums, Sedum matrona and Sesleria. This border is backed with a post and wire fence, which support fan and espalier trained apples and pears. The path is flanked in summer by rhubarb and in winter by Cary Normans Copper Spirals [01473 328834].Growing near the French windows is Acca sellowiana (Pineapple Guava), an exquisite plant when in flower. Jasminum mesneyi thrives against the wall.

16. Unusual Bulb and Rhizome Garden. The four beds have a central Whirligigianum Obeliskii designed by Lucy but made by Nigel (See No 13). These support various clematis and are surrounded by tall bearded Irises from Woottens [01502 478258] As well as Eucomis, Galtonia and Tigridia. The arbour is flanked by Cardoons and supports Rosa Pauls Himalayan Musk and Aristolochia.

17. Shaded seating area. Surrounded by scented Narcissus and Alliums, covered in wisteria and passion flower.

18. Cedar Greenhouse supplied by Regal Greenhouses. We love eating fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. It is also great bringing on cuttings and seedlings – its Lucy’s playroom.

19. Palais de poulet. Reclaimed gates and hen house, painted in aubergine (egg plant). Francine Raymond of the Kitchen Garden cut the ribbon to declare it open in 2007 We have 7 pure breed, big fat friendly girls who strut around the garden gobbling the worms I dig up and wallow in dust baths!

20. Redmanii’s Rare Plant Nursery. Small selection of plants that can be seen around the garden.

21. Dominics Potager. With roller coaster hedge and curved beds for his orgainically grown fruit and vegetables.

Central copper Pod by Cary Norman [01473 830 241]

22. Scented corridor - with Viburnums, Choisya and Ptelea trifoliata (Hop Tree)


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